Buckle up, babe!

I feel bad to myself. Since early morning, i can't get this bad feeling out of me. It is still there within me. I feel bad to myself. I feel like i'm walking downhill when i suppose to climb it up instead.

Yesterday i got a phone call from one of the manager of MAS, telling me that i've been nominated to go for B777 full course but a minute later, he told me the opposite. I've been withdrawn from the course in a last minute call, because i still yet to finish my B737-400 course which i failed earlier.

That is the lesson. A big big lesson for me.

I suppose to get my exams cleared at the first place but for several reasons, i stuck with a failure and that is very heartbreaking. But i step up from that, and i manage to pass all my assessment and be the first from my batch to get through with that.

However, that is not good enough.

It is somehow, a lot better if we can make the things right at the first place.

Yes, we hear a lot from the elder, that whenever we failed, we always can bounce back. But we cannot deny that it is always better if we don't fall.

But looking on the brightest side, we learned that failure is just another different way to success. There are lots of inspiring stories from a successful person, whom  had a bitter time and the bounce back from their hard time to become another person.

It makes me recall myself, from one quotation i read from Ustaz Pahrol,

"Betapa baiknya Allah. Disetiap kesalahan kita, ada rahmat daripada Allah. Adakalanya, Allah sengaja membiarkan kita tersilap agar dengan kesilapan itu, kita terlindung dan terselamat daripada melakukan kesilapan yang lebih besar dan lebih dahsyat"

For every cloud, there is always a silver lining.

Because Allah is very fair and just. Allah always want to give the best to His servant and we, the weaklings, will never know how these things work.

Hence, as a person, i hope that whenever we have a hard time, we will always have the faith that Allah knows the best. We might lose something, but we may gain something better in return. Who knows?

So, just have faith. Never give up and never lose hope. Allah says in Quran, surah al-Hijr,

"None will give up and lose hope, except the non-believer"

Syaitan and their follower will always laugh out loud, to keep our knee down. They will demoralize us to the bottom feet. However, it is our call, to regain the control of ourselves and shut down all the critics.

It is us against the world. This world have a limit, and by knowing that, we would remember a fact that at one point, we will leave everything we have in here and will transit to another world. A different world.

And there, nobody will care about your success or failures.There, we only care about our deeds.

So, let me rephrase my long-long article into just a short sentence:

"The ultimate failure is the failure to get into paradise at the first time"

Because we will never have the strength to resist the torment in hell although just for a micro-second!

There are exams coming up. Buckle up babe!
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