#49 Untold story of Islam and terrorism

Modern days, we heard a lot about terrorism. Honestly, i am saddened by this. No soul is less valueable than others. Adding insult to injury, the name of Islam is spoiled because the terrorists claim themselves as a muslim whislt there are nowhere close to be one.

Muslim woldwide suffered from multiple slanders and accusations. That also involves physical attack especially on Muslim living in Europe.

The likes of al-Qaeda, ISIS, Daesh, Boko Haram, Taliban, and few others, are a disgrace. They are satan impersonating a man!

Please let me prove to you that real teachings of Islam is based on peacefulness. It is total opposite to what those millitants are claiming and yelling.

Firstly, Islam behold one's soul. In one hadith, prophet Muhammad said, if two person are arguing over something, and they start a fight and kill his enemy, the killer and deceased both will go to hell.

This raises the eyebrows of sahabah (companion of prophet Muhammad). They asked Prophet Muhammad, "If the killer goes to hell, then we understand. But why the deceased also will go to hell?"

Then Prophet Muhammad replied, "Isn't he determined to kill his enemy too?"

(This hadith is narrated by Bukhari and Muslim).

There also few verses in al-Quran where Allah condemn killings and any barbaric act. Thus, i found nothing that link Islam with terrorism.

Some people define "good" as "less evil than others". Hence, they came out with statistics of genocide from past centuries. One example will be the genocide during World War 1. The death toll is 17 millions with over 20 millons were left wounded, and this has nothing to do with Muslim.

However i don't feel this "me is less evil than you" game works. It still does not justify the killings!

As a muslim myself, i am confused and shock to hear about blood spill involving Muslim. Until i realize, they are not a Muslim. A false claim with a foul intention. They embraced another teachings and doctrine, but claimed that as Islam. A lot of people has ben fooled and deceived. Others resisted, and killed.

If we study about terrorism, we can see the similar trend among them. First, they are thirst for power. They are willing to do everything in order to gain political control of a territory. This involves killings and torturing the innocents.

Second, they are spreading fears amongs the people. Hence, their people will not resist them and will always follow their order.

Third, they discourage education. For them, education is enemy. When people getting well educated, they can think of right and wrong. Those millitant dislike when people tell that their act is wrong, so they want their people to stay dumb and never questioned them.

These are few distictive traits of a terrorists organisation regardless of its archipelago. I dont really interested to elaborate more on this because i only interested in dismantling the 'terrorist' remarks away from Muslims.

I love to repeat, the act of terrorism has nothing to do with Islam. They just simply use religion as their sword to slaughter their enemy, and as a shield to silence the critics. For years, religion has been abused to gain support from their dumb-ass followers. They bargain the God's name to sanction their act. This is real savage!

Once, prophet Muhammad S.A.W told that there was a lady who has a cat as her pet. She abandoned her cat until it dies from hunger. Thus Prophet Muhammad said, the lady will be punished by God.

Also, there was a prostitute that been welcomed to heaven because she helped a thirsty dog by giving her some water. God love her action thus He forgave her and give her a ticket to enter paradise.

These two beautiful story teaches us that showing compassion toward animal is a good deeds and to be cruel to them, is a sinful act and punisable by God. Thus, how about amongs ouselves? Surely that doing good among human being is more rewarding, and doing bad to one of us is more punishable.

Please don't trust everything you read. We have brain. We must think. We are not Donald Trump.

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