A non-listening muslimah.

I'm not intended to irritate anybody but some may get annoyed. Depends lah. Nak marah pun marah lah, but make sure you read this first.

I dont know why, but it seems like when we talk about muslimah, we will imagine that the girl is a fully covered, polite, and innocent girl. None of us will say that a muslimah is that a girl with tight fittings and mini-hijab. But is there any other word to address them? They still a muslim. They worship Allah. They pray five times a day. They are fasting in the month of Ramadhan (although not the full month of Ramadhan). Their religion is islam. If so, they are still a muslimah. But yes, a flop one...

None of girl in this world with a wise and sound mind, would shout and announce to public, "Dear all, come and see my giant breast! Come and have a look to my enticing body"

But this kind of shouting and promoting comes not in the means of any voice communication but in the action. It is really sad, to see many of my kin (in islam) being too ignorant and arrogant. Many of the scholars had advice and telling that as a muslimah, you are to wear a proper clothing. It is against the law of syariah and it is prohibited to wear tight fittings as well as short hijab.

Somehow, it seems like it's nobody's business if we are to wear anything we like. Remember, we don't live in this world alone. There are other people. There are men, youth, adults, and also children. And these tight clothings and mini jilbab had irritate them in may ways.

I remember there are a hadith from prophet Muhammad s.a.w which the prophet says, "There will be women that wear a cloth, but is naked"

How on earth is to wear, but is still naked?
pakai tudung, tapi singkat. Pakai baju, tapi short-sleeve pula. Hmm...

We concentrate to much on the hijab, as when we wear one, our islam has been complete. We are now a citizen of jannah. NO! Not yet, sisters!

Please have a look onto your fittings. Your closed and tight fittings can do lots of harm to others compared to not covering your hair. Please dont sell your dignity and pride of being a women by showing to men, the shape and your body pattern. Some of us would gladly say, 'astaghfirullah' but most of us will say, 'Look, there is a bitch!'

A muslimah is not a bitch!

Dear sisters, dont you feel insulted when you expose your body to public? If you dont feel insulted, i do feel! I feel very insulted when people start making fun with girls in hijab as, "Pakai tudung pun baju ketat lagi buat apa? Pakai tudung pun berkepit dengan jantan buat apa?"

It's not about your hair. A big NO! But it's your dress.

Don't be dumb. Stop being ignorant. Please reflect upon yourself; do all my clothing are syariah compliance?

Please change. Remember, when prophet Muhammad s.a.w went for israk mikraj, he saw that most of the prisoner of hell is creature with XX chromosome. One of the reason is this; a mini-hijab with a tight clothing.

If you can't respect the syariah, please respect us!

I have counter lots of difficulties because of a dumb muslimah, and i have a concrete reason to get angry. After all, i have remind all of you. It's up to you whether to change or not and Allah will decide upon YOU!
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Salam Alaik, bro.

I've read and I think I've got your points.
It's just that I don't think that "moron" is an appropriate word to use especially when you're using it in dakwah context. Even, in daily conversation, we dont that easily use/speak that word. It sounds harsh. Very. Soft,gentle but deeply meaning words travel into hearts farther, kan.
Ciao, wassalam.


Iqbal.. Ermm..

Can you use another words?
Macam kasaq ja guna "MORON". :)

Good entry..!


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