And i am in love.

I cannot remember when i last write in english. I always realize that my proficiency in english is below average. This made me feel so bad because i cant really communicate with my friends and colleague whom isn't malay. I also know that i need to put an effort to increase my level of proficiency  because i am going to the one who certify aircraft for its airworthiness and this field need only those who can communicate in english effectively. i afraid i'm not.

So, as an effort to enhance my level of english, i would love to start writing in english. (although i know i will commit lots of grammatical error) and i hope if you find any, just hit the comment column . I don't have much time to go to any english class, warming the student's seat. So my readers, you'll be my teacher. Okey?

This windy evening, i listened to a lecture from one syeikh form Egypt. Yes, my two ears were listening but my focus was on my driving so i cannot really remember what the syeikh spoke to all IKIM listener.

But one thing i remember is he is giving lectures on love. Loving Almighty God, Allah.

We always tell others, "I love Allah more than anything". And we also hear the same from others. Same talking all the time.

But, is it 'love' that we are referring to? To become disobedient, to become unfaithful, to become sinful?

Dear brothers and sisters.

Somebody has said, "If you say 'i love Allah' then you are lying. If you say 'i don't love Allah, then you are kuffur"

Because love is a verb. It is an action. Lets look upon ourselves. If we love somebody, what do you think we will do to him/her?

We will treat him/her nicely. We will always obey the orders. We will always respect and care. We will fight for him/her when somebody is doing bad to him/her. We will do anything to make him/her comfort and pleased. We will don't mind to sacrifice for him/her not only our energy and money, but we also don't mind risking our life for ones we love.


Then let me remind myself and all of us, that Allah is our creator. Allah gives us abundant nikmat which is impossible for us to count. Allah give us food, provide us shelter, guarding us from harm, and give peace inside our heart.

So when we say we love Allah, please remember that we need to obey all the orders. We must follow syariah truthfully. Never deviate from the teachings.

We also need to respect those whom loved by Allah. They are the scholars and people who fight for His path. Respect, care, and love them because Allah love them.

We need to be in the same cabin with the group of people who is fighting for islam. We must do dakwah. We must encourage people to get close to islam. We must introduce to the world the truth teachings of islam. The striking, beautiful colours of islam. At the same time, we also must stop and prevent ourselves from committing any sin although it's minor sins.

We should also sacrifice our wealth, our age, our leisure time, and even our life for islam. Dont spend our money to satisfy our nafs. With the balance only we spend to the path of Allah. Dont! Dont spend our quality time to satisfy our nafs by doing the unnecessary and useless things. Dont wait to become old, then only we want to 'make business' with Allah.

After all, it's not too late to start loving Him.

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Salam alaykum to the writer, it's a very good try to write in English, may Allah help you through. Well, I was once like you so I'd like to suggest some other ways to help you improve. Among them are :
1. Read english, if you want to read islamic article, I suggest
2. Listen to english video i.e Aiman Azlan's
3. As you listen to radio, you can follow hem as well, so as to improve your pronunciation.
May that help. Salam alayk.


bravo! (:

Agree much with F.I Prodg, Suhaibwebb is one of the best..

and keep this good work going!


try One Legacy radio. that's the most awesome islamic radio i've ever listened to (:


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