Show dont tell.

We can be a good muslim by words. How? We can tell the world, "I'm a good muslim. I dont commit sin. I always follow syariah. I fulfill my obligation to Allah. I pray to Allah and i also make peace with people. In fact, i also bla...bla... bla..."

This is the different. Our act is just our babbling. But how to determine whether we are talking the truth or the opposite?

Yes friends. Its our action. That is our action that speak louder than any else. We have two guys here. One guy keep telling others about all his kindness and good attitude but his friend, the other guy instead of telling, he is practising the good behavior and attitude. At the end, between these two, who will gain our trust and respect more? I'm sure we will gladly say the latter.

This is also how islam teaches us. As everybody have their own tongue, they can talk about everything. We may and may not realize that Allah will ask each of us, about all of our speech and talking. If we talk bad about other, the consequences are also bad to us. If we talk good about others, than we also get a good thing as a return.

I came across with an article from Imam Muda Asyraf, about fallen in love with somebody we dont even know who he is, just his writings. Yes. Truly happened. Some of the sisters have this kind of misconception.

"As the world is coming to end, prophet Muhammad s.a.w said that the composition of female will overwhelm male until one man equal to fifty female. So, it's very difficult for us, girls to find a good man to married with. Bla...bla...bla..."

I agree with the fact, female is more than male. It is said in hadith, and it is proven by current facts and figures.

But i simply disagree if we put the label 'pious', 'good' or 'gentle' to a man that we don't know of his background. To make things worse, we only read his writings or listen to his lectures (for Vlogger).

I wish we can be more precise before putting a label or branding other. This is because when we say Mr. A is a good and pious people, we will respect him. Hence, when he does wrongs and commits errors, we tend to judge the same to the other good and pious people.

At the end, we conclude ourselves: "Kalau macam inilah orang baik, jadi apa bezanya dengan aku"

And we will regret and stop changing.

I will be very happy if we start being the kind of people who will look upon the things that has been said, instead of looking at that person. People will have their own weakness. Some may leak in some way and others will have their own weakness on something else.

None of us is perfect, but what makes us different from others is not just our speeches, but it is our actions!

Dont tell others we are a muslim, but show to others that we are one.
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Be silent sometimes is better and gud :) trust n believe we do bcoz of Allah not to be show to others.. thatz meaningless~ huhu be yurself ;) remind to myself too ~


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