Islam For Dummies: What is Islam.

Past few weeks has been a tough for muslim worldwide especially those living in Western countries. There are several reports of abuse and physical assault onto Muslim. Verbal attack is countless.

With the emerging of ISIS as a latest militant group, the name of Islam is again mentioned. This is simply because those bigoted ISIS keep on claiming themselves as they represent Islam whilst they are never once.

I am one of heavy user of social media especially Facebook. I am very shocked that there are so many hatred and accusation onto Islam. Our fellow Malaysian (the non-Muslim), they seem to be very outspoken when they curse Islam for all the crime committed by ISIS.

As a Muslim, i am also offended but i understand that this is merely because they have no knowledge about Islam. Not even a single information about Islam. Hence, i would to dedicate this post to my non-Muslim brothers and sisters, so that you can have a rough picture of what is the real Islam and why there are so many slanders splat to this religion.

First thing to ask, what is Islam.

Islam means total submission to God. You, everything belongs to you, and everything around this world, belongs to God. He created you and me. He even created everything our eyes can capture and beyond it. The sea, threes, mountains, sky, literally EVERYTHING.

As a Muslim, we are bound to God's order. We do everything He want us to do, and we turn off from doing everything He forbid, although we love that thing very much.

Islam is not a new religion. It does not come from Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) but Islam begins since the creation of Adam and Eve. Muslim believe that other than Muhammad PBUH, there are all together more than 313 prophets that hold the same teachings and principle of islam. They taught and preached the same teachings for decades until the time of final prophets; Muhammad (PBUH).

Before that, the religion is not named as Islam but some scholar named it as Hanif. The name of Islam only taught during prophet Muhammad (PBUH) time.

There are lots of things taught in Islam. You may find many similarities between the teachings of Islam and Christianity. This is because Muslim believe that Jesus is one of the prophet in Islam. Jesus came before Muhammad (PBUH) and he carries the same teaching which is God is omni-potent. There are no God but Allah and Jesus is just His messenger.

Unfortunately, some of Jesus's follower violate his teachings. They amended his teachings and they even re-write the holy book. That is why you can find that there are so many version of bible and each of them contradicts with each other.

I am not planning to go any deeper in this. We have many scholar that is expert in Christianity in the likes of Syeikh Ahmad Deedat and Dr Zakir Naik. Feel free to browse through their debate in YouTube if you seek for better clarification of this differences.

I also believe, you must have heard that Islam is a peaceful religion. But yet, there are many blood spilled in the name of Islam. All the massacre, the killings of innocent people, the suicide bombings, and many more, really bring us to tears. 

Whoever they are, i am very sure that they either don't know about Islam, or they get the wrong information of Islam. Savage!

If we want to know something, we must learn it. Same goes here. If we want to know about Islam, we must study it but to study Islam, it is best if we can find the source of Islam which are The holy book of Quran, and the sayings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Ones cannot understand Islam unless he reads the Quran and he learn the hadith (the sayings of Prophet).

The Quran comes through the period of prophet (approximately 1400 years ago) and the content of Quran is still the same as it is. Unlike the Bible, Quran is never been spoiled with human intervention. All the writings and content of Quran is well kept from any mistake because it is not written by human. Not even a single letter.

As a human, we tends to make mistake. How perfect our works are, there will be a flaw within. Sometimes it is visible but sometimes it is a lantern flaw which take years to discover it. But for Quran, men had studied it for centuries but none can come with an argument of its defect. 

Wait. Before i talk more about Quran and Hadith, i would love to clarify and re-emphasis the utmost principle of Islam which is; we believe that there is no God but Allah, and Muhammad is His messenger.

When we say that there is only one God, then we can say that He is the supreme power. He controls everything. Nobody or no power can match Him. He does not need anybody to help Him and there are no entity that carry the same traits like Him.

Some questions must be lingers in our head right now such as, "If He is really that powerful, why don't He just kill all the bad people thus allowing the earth be in peace and harmony?"

And many more.

Well, it is better if i leave you with questions so that you can seek for answers. Remember, for every question, there always an answer.

I will continue my essay later. See you soon. Salam.
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